inSITEout MFA examination

Meet me, the opponent and the examinator

discussing the final part of my MFA

”If there was a formula to my artistic practice and method, what would it look like and how could I use it?”
– Searching for the aXiom in my artistic practice and method

28th of April 2-4 pm at Valand Glashuset Gothenburg

Benedikte Esperi
Benedikte Esperi

keywords: performance, public space, site-specific,choreography,
contemporary, instant composition,immersive theatre,
multidisciplinary, aXiom, moving images, art-activism

Benedikte Esperi

Contemporary Performative Artist

Benedikte Esperi
Benedikte Esperi

every movement
comes from somewhere
and then continues into next

there is no beginning and no ending

every movement can tell us something
it can be used in many different ways
and carry its own narrative


time space and body
those are my key words

In my artistic practice and research there´s an attempt to capture the instant moment and the essentials of a present thru choreography and camcorder

Benedikte Esperi