Non-Topia Photo: AnnaCarin Isaksson

On stage, in an experienced chaos, three bodies are searching for moments of closeness which creates fragments of intimacy, belonging and affection. Together they perform a basic human desire which forces them to let go of what is well known. They have the intention to create a multitude of expressions that comes together as one complex body beyond identity and cultural origin.

VORTEX is an interdisciplinary  contemporary choreographic and music performance for three bodies working with composition based on free and strictly set timelines. This creates an orbit for a mutual universe on stage. Solos, duos and trios are intertwined, unique for each occasion. Diversity is the stance of the piece and group identity. The concept VORTEX is the starting-point for the process and the performed content.

wiki – Vortex: a mass of fluid (such as a liquid) with a whirling or circular motion that tends to form a cavity or vacuum in the center of the circle and to draw toward this cavity or vacuum bodies subject to its action, is also considered as the converging of energies

In 2017 a collaboration started between three Gothenburg based artists creating the group Non-Topia. Their first presentation was a short piece shown at Måndans#8 Neptune, on February 20-21st, at 3:e våningen in Gothenburg Sweden, with the title VORTEX.

The name of the group Non-Topia emerged from dialogues where science, philosophy and ritual elements constitute the understanding of how we construct contexts, societies, nations and identities. Non-Topia is a fictive landscape shaped by those being present with the shared perception of temporary coexistence. Within our artistic practice and method, encounter occurs and proposes an environment for collective and individual processes.

During 2017 the group had the possibility to deepen their collaboration and produce a full scale production through the venture New Choreography, giving the artists a residency at 3:e Våningen and a presentation at Måndans#8 Extended in October 2017. The group co-works with ONYX Kulturproduktion. Through them a cultural exchange has been possible based on a grant from Västra Götalandsregionen´s international exchange program with Fertile Ground, Dance City and Newcastle College in UK.

Non-Topia will return to New Castle in the end of October for several public events, but also to compose the last part of VORTEX to a full length performance planned to tour from 2018.

Performed 2017 at 3:e Våningen´s venue Måndans Extended 4th-6th of October

Newcastle College 25th of October 2017 

Venues in Newcastle
22nd-29th of October Residency in Newcastle UK
25th of October Performance VORTEX at Newcastle College
23rd-26th of October Open Lab sessions event on FB
27th of October Performance co-lab with artists based in UK FB event

Members of Non-Topia

Cha Blasco
Is an eclectic music- & sound artist that thrives on breaking down musical barriers through creative, interdisciplinary projects.
He’s interested in new technologies, improvisation, and the sonic research and exploration of the influential of music and sound in mankind’s bodies and psyche.

Benedikte Esperi
Is a contemporary performative artist working with choreography, live art and dance for screen, which brings her and her art to a wide range of venues internationally. She’s interested in how corporeality can expose frictions in everyday life and site-specific contexts.

Sebastian Ruiz Bartilson
Is a performing artist educated in the dance with an ongoing exploration of corporeal boundaries.
He’s interested in creating dialogues between ancient ritualistic elements and the contemporary performing practices.

Production team
Costume: Anna Kraft
Photo: AnnaCarin Isaksson
Light: Finn Pettersson
Feedback/peer: Gun Lund, Olof Persson, Canan Yücel Pekiçten, Eva Ingemarsson, Malin Ångman, Henrik Wartel, Elisabeth Belgrano, Minna Elif Wendin, Dora Frankel & Mikael Bojen

Funded and Commissioned by
3:e våningen Måndans #8
Kultur i Väst ”Ny koreografi”
Västra Götalandsregionen / County Exchange program
Göteborg stad kultur / Municipality of Gothenburg City
Fertile Ground Newcastle
Newcastle College
Dance City Newcastle
Co-produced with ONYX Kulturproduktion

Info and booking Scenkonstportalen

Contact and info: Producer ONYX