”MO(R)D” Benedikte Esperi photo: AnnaCarin Isaksson


CV Benedikte Esperi

Performance / Live Art / Choreography / Dance for Screen

MFA in Contemporary Performative Arts
Project leader/ Producer/ Curator
Universitetsadjunkt / Lecturer / Research


upcoming 2019
4th-31st July Residency Greece/Italy
5th-9th Aug Tiny Festival Producers Residency Gerlesborg
22nd-24th Aug laboratory of stage arts: Nordic-Baltic
25th-28th Aug ‘rigor MORTis’ workshop & Residency WU-ArtSpace
24th Aug Finissage ‘Välkommen till Trollskogen’ Växjö konsthall
11th Sept-11th Dec Open studio / atelier at Ringön Wednesdays 4pm-8pm
15th Oct VARIA Improvisations Festival
21st-25th of Oct ‘rigor MORTis’ Residency Region Teater Väst
6th-17th Nov rigor MORTis performance & installation at 3:e Våningen
23rd Nov-1st Dec performance-installation ”RETURNING NOW” at Gordon House Margate, UK

GIBCA Extended 6th September- 17th November 2019

# Tiny Festival Producers In-Tents-Intervention Performance Ulricehamn 2-8 sept, Uddevalla, Bohusläns Museum 28 sept, Uddebo / X-site 5-6 oct
rigor MORTis world premiere new choreography at 3:e Våningen 6th-17th Nov
# Galleri 54 

upcoming 2020
Jan-Febr KOREOARTscape 3.0 Gothenburg
5th-29th March Group exhibition at Huuto Gallery Helsinki

past 2019
7th-10th Jan Lectures at Academy of Music and Drama
11th Feb Performance Destination Atalante
11th-22nd Feb Residency Region Teater Väst
3rd-11th March Residency, Performance & Lecture Tiny Festival Producers ”The ABC of departure” NSU, Vilnius
29-30th March ”Sara & Benedikte´s notebooks on BACH”  at Atalante
6-7th April Lecture / workshop with Fanny Kivimäki in Pajala at Danscentrum Norr
16-21st April Choreography assistant & Sound for ”Monsoon” Kimberly Karpanty Barcelona / Ohio
8-12th May Venice Biennale The Tiny Festival Producers  GIBCA & LIAF
12-15th May Performance Laterland Brighton Fringe Festival 
16th-19th May WHAT IIIF? & Tiny Festival Producers at Gallery 54 and Teater Trixter
6th of June-25th of August Växjö Konsthall & Nya Småland Välkommen till Trollskogen – curatingpublicspace 

ANSLAG / STIPENDIUM / Grants / Funding

• Arbetsstipendium Konstnärsnämnden / grant The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
• Art grant Adlerbertska Stiftelsen – Sällskapet Gnistan
• VGR International grant
• Ateljéstöd / Studiogrant Gothenburg City
• Kultur export Kulturrådet / Swedish Arts Council export grant
• VGR travel grant & project funding
• Residency Newcastle at Fertile Ground and Västra Götalands County
• Helge Ax:son Johnson stipend
• Arbetsstipendium / working grant Västra Götalands Regionen stipend
• Project funding The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
• Gothenburg City Culture Project Dance funding
• Gothenburg City Culture Project Film funding
• Swedish Arts Grants Committee travel grants
• Residencies: Gordon House Margate, Gerlesborg Scenkonst, Wu-Art Space, 3:e Våningen, Atalante Ny Koreografi, Womens Dance Festival Chicago, DOCH, Barcelona International Dance Exchange, Vrångsholmen, Region Teater Väst, Uddebo, Danscentrum Väst
• EXPAND Dance production Kultur i Väst, Kultur i Väst Danskraft
• Kultur stipendiat Frimurarlogen
• Carina Ari vistelsestipendium Paris
• Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse Art grant
• Högskolan för scen och musik grant
• Danscentrum Väst grant
• Mary von Sydow stipend
• VGR Kultur i Väst grant
• Folkuniversitetet: Sceniskt projekt för dansare med funktionsvariationer
• Teaterförbundets  ”Teatro de los Sentidos” grant
• Danscentrum väst, Premiärpaket grant
• Folkuniversitetet residency Vrångsholmen grant
• Västra Götalandsregionen, Kultur i Väst, Community dance project funding

past 2018
4th-6th of January ”Laterland” 13festivalen Gothenburg
16th of January Presenting work-in-progress  Movement Research at Open Performance, New York
25th of January Lecture at RTV Borås
12th of February Public Talk at Atalante ”Destination” about MO(R)D free admission
16th of February public event at residency MO(R)D Teater Albatross och Wu ArtSpace- Sjönevad
February Residency MO(R)D RTV Borås February/March 2018
8th of March Premiere MO(R)D
8-11th of March performance MO(R)D
10th of March Artist talk ”Samtal om scenkonst på unika platser” FB event
Jan-April Methods for choreography at Stiftelsen Gyllenkrok / MO(R)D
16th-22nd of April Writing Movement 2.0 New York
April KOREOARTscape Brooklyn Dance for screen
24th-29th of April ”ABOUT FREEDOM 7.0” selected to the  ScreenDance Festival  Museum of Dance and Movement
17th-25th of May Performance Live Art Act Transatlantica at ITINERANT festival New York
26th-28th of May Performance and Artist talk at jubilee of Adas Musikaliska teater, Gothenburg FB venue
21st June-21st of July OUT OF SITE #3 performance and installation at Gallery 54, Gothenburg
6th of July Artist talk and performance at Gallery 54
9th-15th July 13th event Residency at DcV. Collaboration with musician & composer Sara Sjödahl
21st of July closing event and performance of OUT OF SITE at Gallery 54
29th July-5th Aug presentation of artistic practice research at NSU Fårö, Sweden
4th of Aug KOREOARTscape at Fårö NSU
4th of Aug  ”In-Tents-Intervention®” performance Tiny Festival Producers C. Runesson & A. Wahlöö at Fårö NSU
6th-10th Aug Artistic intervention at Drama Boreale Gothenburg University info
1st Sept Ö-FESTEN Ringön ”Perfectly corrected objects performance” in collaboration with AiR Catharine Cary
Laterland I-III
# 25th Aug Gothenburg(Swe) FB event
# 29th Aug Lahti (Fi) FB event
# 12th Sept Stockholm (Swe) FB event
17-22nd of Sept research and residency with Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt in London and Gordon House Margate (UK)
22nd of Sept Equinox PAGE London
26-30th Sept London sessions with WHAT IIIF? performances at
# Royal Academy of Arts FB event
# PAGE FB event
# Centre 151 FB event
25-30th of Sept KOREOARTscape London during residency at Catharine Cary, London
16th of Oct poetry at LäsBar FB event
19th-25th of Oct performing and part of NIAN Nordic Island Action in Nature
2nd Nov interview poems/essay pod Poesijakten
29th Nov Panel talk at BURN BABY BURN FB event
30th presentation of Laterland Academy during Expand Frölunda Kulturhus
7th Dec Outdoor video projection at a public event on Ringön
Dec 2018 – Jan 2019 Public Art KOREOARTscape 2.0 Gothenburg

past 2017
4th-13th of Jan APAP Conference New York, part of Swedish Art Council group. Movement Research at Winter MELT!
Dance for screen ”Amnesia in New York 7.24 am”
16th of Jan video screened at Water Film festival ”UNDA UASTUS”
24th of Jan Artist talk at Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt  producer of ”Sagan om Dansaren” Bio Roy Gothenburg
20th-21st of Feb ”VORTEX” performance with Sebastian Ruiz Bartilson and Cha Blasco at Måndans#8 3:e Våningen
4th of March Performance at Atalante Jubileé event
6th of March Dance workshop for teachers ”Practice & Methods – improvisation”
9th-13th of March Research lab at Interdisciplinary Instant Composition  Amsterdam
3rd-8th of April Bbeyond symposium Belfast N. Ireland
22nd of April performance in the Botanic Garden ”Marcella & Benedikte” Gothenburg
25th-30th of April Screen Dance Festival at Dance Museum in Stockholm ”Amnesia in New York” & ”Conversation in the park 1:1”
9th of May Panel discussion at Atalante
24th of May solo performance at Bengans fik
10th-23rd of May Community dance project at Tjörn West coast Sweden
21st – 28th of May Community dance project Hammarkullekarnevalen + Röhsska Museet
3rd of June The Tiny festival at Teater Trixter co-producers Cia Runesson and Annikki Wahlöö
3rd of June performance Non-Topia at Tiny festival
6th of June performance vernissage Malmö
12th-14th Writing Movement sessions Gothenburg + NOFOD conference
14th-17th of June facilitating demo lecture at NOFOD Conference, Dance and Democracy Gothenburg
7th-11th of July New York ”Amnesia in New York” film project extended
12th-16th of July New York Dance Exchange / Barcelona team at Gibney Dance Center
7th-13th of August Residency and presentation Non-Topia/VORTEX in Newcastle UK at Fertile Ground
28th of August ”Laterland” performance with invited dancer Fanny Kivimäki
September Nordic Fringe Festival
– 2nd of Sept ”Queen of Plastic Oceans” at Ö-festen, Gothenburg FB link
– 3rd of Sept.  ”The Void of Freedom” Tempelriddarhuset, Gothenburg FB link
– 7th of Sept. ”OM FRIHET” 7.00 pm Stockholm FB link
– 11th of Sept. OM FRIHET / ABOUT FREEDOM 7.00 pm BERGEN Norway link to event
8th of September Culture Night Performance Art Bergen PAB, Norway
22nd of September  ”Equinox to Equinox”  Trädgårdsföreningen Gothenburg
4th-6th of October ”VORTEX” Extended at 3:e Våningen
13th of October Kulturnatta ”Amnesia” and ”Mondays before the museums” at The Museum of Gothenburg
22nd-29th of October Residency Non-Topia/VORTEX in Newcastle UK at Fertile Ground
25th of October Performance VORTEX at Newcastle College
23rd-26th of October Open Lab sessions event on FB
27th of October Performance co-lab with artists based in UK FB event
14th of November ”Dance and Archives” performance + lecture at The Museum of Gothenburg
24th-27th of Nov Residency at Gerlesborg research MO(R)D
30th of Nov-27th of Dec 2017 ”KOREOARTscape” Screenings in public spaces Gothenburg city
9th-10th of Dec OM FRIHET 7.0 Dance for screen at Stockholm Dance film festival at Zita
2nd-12th of Dec Community dance young dancers Gothenburg

22nd of January ”inVISIBLE” Performance at The Academy of Music and Drama
10th of February ”inSITEout” Immersive Performance, my MFA presentation
8-11th of March  ”HUPIA versus HUNT” at a-venue, Gothenburg
21st of April Poetry ”OM FRIHET 2.0” at Gamlestadens Bibliotek 
23st of April ”Choreographing space” Hotel Avalon, Gothenburg
18-19th of May ”X-RAYs” Performance Tvärsnitt, 3e Våningen Gothenburg
28th of May producing ”The Tiny Festival” and performing ”The Knife Wife” at Teater Trixter
3-5th of June, Iceland Mótíf Sviðslistahátíð Reykjavik ”Queen of Plastic Oceans- Without Royalty”
30th of July ”MODuler” Performance at opening of the exhibition ”Huset vid vägens slut” Vrångsholmen
5-7th of August projections at night Lunnabergsfest
16-21st of August ”MODuler” performance  Kvinnliga Koreografers Konstnärskap at a-venue Kulturkalaset, Gothenburg
20th of August Performance Om Frihet 3.0 21.00 at FRINGE festival Gothenburg
19th – 21st of August Live Art Act Stadsbiblioteket, Gothenburg
27th of August ”MODuler” performance at DOCH, Stockholm
6th-10th of September Live Action 11, Sweden
22nd of September WORLDWIDE PERFORMANCE ART DAY ”Same Difference: Equinox to Equinox” Organisational body: BBEYOND, Belfast
9th of October performing parts from ”MOD” at Frimurarlogen
15-16th of October  ”MOD”  PREMIERE  Atalante, Gothenburg
29th of October Performance ”The Knife Wife” at Festival Gothenburg
24th of November Choreography ”RYOANJI” (J.Cage) Hagakyrkan
6th of December OM FRIHET 4.0 at Expand Frölunda Kulturhus
10th of December  Ambassadörs Dance Improvisation Konstepidemin Gothenburg
11th of December Stockholm Dance Film Festival at Zita
13th of December Musikhjälpen Tranemo Kulturskola

”inSITE” Performance Lecture at The Academy of Music and Drama 27th Nov.
”The Knife Wife” at SMEDJAN Mauritz Tistelö book release 21st of Nov.
HURLING”– to extract the present through history, GIBCA Extended 9th & 19th-20th of Sept Gothenburg
”HURLING” Performance at Festa Via 190 Nossebro 5th of Sept.
”OUT OF SITE” #1 videos and performances 12th of Aug.- 5th of Sept. at a-venue Gothenburg
”Queen of Plastic Oceans- Without Royalty” 5th of September at Lilla Götafors Kulturnatt Mölndal
Performance and videos day time 22nd of Aug. at Lidköpings Kultur- och Porslinsfestival
”LUNA” Music- & danceperformance at 22nd of Aug. at Lunnabergsfesten
”KONVERSATIONER” dance performance at Kulturkalaset 11th of August Gothenburg
”Lady Benedikte – Queen of Roses” performance at Kulturkalaset 14th of August Gothenburg
”HUPIA” Performance and video 23-25th of July Live Art Strömstad
Residency at BIDE Barcelona, La Caldera, 2-10 of July part of GREC festival
”SUDDEN GEOGRAPHY” at Going Dutch Core Project Chicago (USA) 26-28th of June
Ambassador festival Dance improvisation  1-12 of June at Konstepidemin Gothenburg
BIDE Barcelona International Dance Exchange 29th of April-3rd of May
”KONVERSATIONER” TRIO dance performance at the Academy of Music and Drama Gothenburg
20PARIS2014” Dance for screen at International dance day
”pop-up-performance” at Rum 26 Gothenburg, DUETT Catharine Cary(USA/Fr) and Benedikte Esperi(Swe)
”Lady B 1:1″ video 60s.
IN MEMORIAM” installation Franska Tomten ,Gbg
HUNT” video & performance Kastellgatan 16, Gbg
UNDA UASTUS” performance, installation & video 13Festival Konstepidemin at the Gallery co-production Paula Lindblom 2012-2015
”SUDDEN GEOGRAPHY” co-production Catharine Cary(USA/Fr), Virginie Houdet(Fr), Benedikte Esperi (Swe)

20PARIS2014” Residency at Swedish Institute Paris 2014
Choreographie de Vignerons” Performance & video Pouilly sur Loire France  2014
”Sycorax” Choreography, dance, video and installation, Röda Sten Konsthall
Global Trade Identification Number” video
”Queen of Plastic Oceans-…” SOLO performance & video, Lilla Götafors, Kvarnbyn Mölndal
Kulturkalaset Göteborg:
– ”Queen of plastic oceans-…” SOLO performance Milleniumplatsen
“Live art act – Thinking of Picasso” Performance & video TEN artists, Röhsska museet
“Escapade” SOLO performance for young audience, Bältesspännarparken
”Live art” ”Queen of Plastic Oceans-…” SOLO performance & video, performance festival Strömstad
”Dancing like the 80´s?” SOLO, opening of 80´s exhibition Mölndals stadsmuseum
A pudding for lunch or just a drink?” DUETT & Solo Catharine Cary(USA/Fr) Magasinsgatan Gbg
“Om frihet” SOLO festival at Teater Trixter Göteborg. Dans-& videoverk
”Det nya bygdespelet” Community dance project /dance residency Uddebo
”Påskperformance” DUETT, for young audience at Palmhuset, Trädgårdsföreningen
”Hammarkullekarnevalen” choreography for young dancers at the carneval of Hammarkullen
”Love Escape” SOLO, poetry performance Palace, Göteborg
”UNDA UASTUS” 2012-2014 co-production Contemporary Jewellery Artist Paula Lindblom

”Vid din sida” TRIO, site-specific performancein public space at Rosenlund, Gbg
Adventsperformance” SOLO window performance Magasinsgatan, Gbg
1993:1617” SOLO video  Litteraturhuset Gbg
”Poesi” Poet Gamlestadens library, Gbg
”Piece by piece”(Fenomene) SOLO interactive video and performance , Magasinsgatan, Gbg
”Nattskapelser” DUETT, performance for young audience  Lagerhuset Trädgårdsföreningen Gbg
”Lady Benedikte – Queen of roses” SOLO dance- and theatre performance Rose festival, Gbg
”Weaving Gothenburg” actor in company Teatro de los sentidos, Dans- och teaterfestivalen, Gbg
”Salong Kokong” TRIO, installation performance Kampetorpsbiennalen
”Escapades” QUARTET, dance performance for young audience, opening of the new playground Trädgårdsföreningen Gbg.
”Vattenliljorna” TRIO, dance and water performance at the public indoor swimming pool, Valhallabadet, Gbg
Performance in presens” site-specific performance, NINE artists Röhsska museet.
”Vrångsholmen live” site-specific performance at Vrångsholmen, NINE artist, Tanumshede
”FEM x TVÅ=Performance Improvisation” SOLO project ”24kvadrat” Gbg
”FEM x TVÅ=Performance Improvisation” DUETT project ”3:e våningen” Gbg
UNDA UASTUS” 2012-… co-production Contemporary Jewellery Artist Paula Lindblom

Performancekalender2012” SOLO and ensemble at Röhsska Museet 1 performance a day during 24 days
”UNDA UASTUS” 2012-… co-production Contemporary Jewellery Artist Paula Lindblom
Pelikanteatern Choreography ”2.o jag är inte övergående”
”JärnJul” TRIO, performance for young audience at christmas Järntorget, Gbg
”Vatten11:vorna” TRIO, performance for young audience Bältesspännarparken Gbg
”Poetryslam SM”  Gbg
”Poesi” Clandestinofestivalen, Gbg
”Poesi” Textival, Gbg
Röhsska Museum International Womens day: 8th of March
– ”Curling11:a” TRIO interactive performance
– ”Undressed” SOLO dance performance
– ”Bodypartpoetry” SOLO dance and poetry performance
– ”Uttryckning pågår” TRIO dance and voice performance
– ”Femelle” SOLO dance performance

”Queen of Plastic Oceans – Without Royalty” SOLO performance Röhsska Museum, vernissage Brigitte Stepputis verk /Vivienne Westwood team
”Planned economy” SOLO interactive performance Röhsska Museum
“Poesi på tork” Poetry installation, festival, Torsby
”Clash of the poets” Final poetry slam, Sthlm

• Publications (link to GUPEA)
Dans i symbios med musik av Kristina Issa
Atalante samtal
Live Art Strömstad
Scenkonstguiden FRINGE
Bloggen om Dans
• MFA essay ”If there was a formula to my artistic practice…”
Konst blogg
Contemporary Performance Almanac
Scenkonstguiden A-venue
• Göteborgs Posten
Rapport från BIDE Kultur i Väst
•”Selma & Sigge” Votum & Gullers förlag
• Konstvärlden tidskrift 2015
L´Hareng Crisse et son Collectif
Regional de Cosnes
• Strömstads tidning
• Röhsska Museets årsbok
• ADA Association for design and advertising
• Ordström förlag
Populär poesi
• Paula Lindblom konst- och eventbloggare

• 2016 June-Dec Project coordinator and curator at a-venue  at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden
• 2011-2017 Universitetsadjunkt Högskolan för scen och musik / Lecturer at the Academy of Music and Drama. Dansdidaktik, estetiska uttrycksformer generellt samt scenisk gestaltning. Dance didactics and performance lectures.
• 2012-13 Ansvarig för dansutbildning vid Särvux, BA Folkuniversitetet. Responsible for educational program teaching young dancers with disabilities.
• 2014 Gästpedagog och koreograf vid Kulturcentrum Väst, ensemble för funktionshindrade skådespelare. Choreographing actors with disabilities.
• 2011-2012 Projekt ”En kulturskola för alla” metodutveckling för elever med funktionshinder, Kulturskolan. Dance methods for children with disabilities within the after school activity.
• 2007- 2017 Entrepreneur / enskild firma Konstnärlig verksamhet och kulturpedagogiska uppdrag. Artistic works, worskhops, lectures, seminars in performance, dance and choreography. Master classes, workshops at advance level and labs in instant composition. Skapande skola projekt, fortbildning/utbildning inom dans och didaktik. Dance in mandatory schools supported by the Swedish Art Council.
• 1999-2008 Undervisat dans för barn, unga och vuxna inom modern nutida dans. Teaching dance for children, teenagers and grownups. (anställd/employed at Move dance studio Gothenburg).
• Montessorilärare / Montessori teacher 3-6 + 6-9 år


benedikte esperi port folio at the Academy of Music and Drama


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