Art Grant Ceremony Västra Götaland County June 2017

Benedikte Esperi Grant Ceremony

Lecture demo ”Dance and Democracy” at NOFOD conference 14th-17th of June University of Gothenburg

Benedikte Esperi Lecture NOFOD photo Mikko Orpana

Performance 6th of June at the vernissage of ”Välkommen till Trollskogen” Malmö

Benedikte Esperi

Non-Topia performed VORTEX 3rd of June at The Tiny Festival 2017

Non-Topia Photo: AnnaCarin Isaksson

Solo performance ”As kids we use to play” 24th of May

”As kids we use to play” Benedikte Esperi


Artist talk / Samtal om dans. 9th of May at Atalante vimeo

Atalante – samtal om dans

”Epiphytics” (vimeo) Duo performance / instant composition 22nd of April at the Botanic Garden Gothenburg

Benedikte Esperi & Marcella Steen

”Amnesia in Belfast 7.24” Dance for screen shooting, Belfast 9th of April

Amnesia in Belfast 7.24 Benedikte Esperi

Bbeyond Symposium and performance Belfast 3rd-8th of April

Benedikte Esperi Bbeyond Belfast photo: John Baucher

”Amnesia in Amsterdam 7.24”  Dance for screen, Amsterdam

Amnesia in Amsterdam 7.24 am  Benedikte Esperi

International Interdisciplinary Instant composition Festival Amsterdam 9th-13th of March

IIIF Amsterdam photo: Catharine Cary

4th of March at Atalante 30 year Jubilee event vimeo

Benedikte Esperi Atalante Photo: Niklas Rydén

20th-21st of Febr ”VORTEX” performance Benedikte Esperi, Sebastian Ruiz Bartilson & Cha Blasco, Måndans 3:e Våningen

VORTEX Sebastian Ruiz Bartilson, Cha Blasco, Benedikte Esperi
VORTEX Sebastian Ruiz Bartilson, Cha Blasco, Benedikte Esperi

Dance for screen ”Amnesia in New York 7.24” vimeo

New York Benedikte Esperi
Amnesia in New York 7.24 am Benedikte Esperi