Performance / Live Art / Choreography / Dance for Screen


every action
comes from somewhere
and continues into next

there is no beginning and no end

every movement can tell us something
it can be used in several ways
and carry its own narrative

gestures and figures

spoken words



Benedikte Esperi

 ”I use my body to expose / reveal / structural violence / oppression / gestures / identity / power-relations / norms. Time, space and body – those are my key elements in my practice and method” 

Benedikte Esperi is a Swedish autonomous performance artist, researcher, producer and curator based in Gothenburg, Sweden. She runs the companies Dansverk and Benedikte Esperi Produktion since 2007, currently situated in her studio/ateljé at Ringön. She was initially trained for the ‘black box format’ but is published in a variety of sites, such as public realm, contemporary art venues, dance- & theater stages and elsewhere, both in local and international contexts. The encounter with sites, intentions and citizens nurture her choices and intentions where the body is both an object and a subject. Her works range from solo, co-productions and ”community art” within the genre of performance/live art, dance for screen and choreography.  Artistically she´s often referred to as representing the post-modern dance and avant-garde aesthetics.

She is the inventor of the concept KOREOARTscape.

She is a board member and curator at Gallery 54 , co-producer of The Tiny Festival and co-host of WHAT IIIF? Member in professional associations Teaterförbundet, Danscentrum and BUS(KRO). Part of the Northern Ireland performance network Bbeyond.

‘In my practice it’s about being present and curious, playing with risk and trust at the same time, mirroring not only the society but also the representation of a political body. I use my body as a tool to let the spectator interpret the world and our role within it through performativity.’


Has been presented at Royal College of Arts(UK), PAGE(UK), Centre 151(UK), WHAT IIIF? London, Gordon House Margate(UK), Pikkuteatteri(Fi), Nordic Fringe Network, Studio, Ö-festen, Nordic Summer University FÅRÖ, Galleri 54, Last Frontier NYC, Writing Movement 2.0 GBG/NYC, Castellum, Vasakronan, Movement Research NYC, Julstaden Göteborg, NOFOD, Live Action 11, ComLab Gothenburg, Performance Art Bergen, Newcastle Dance City(UK), Nordic Fringe Festival, Gibney Dance NYC, Belfast Bbeyond, IIIF Amsterdam, Tiny Festival, Atalante, Högskolan för design och konsthantverk, Akademin Valand, Högskolan för scen och musik, Stockholm Dance film festival, DOCH Stockholm, FRINGE festival, Avantgarde festival, La Caldera Barcelona, MOTIF festival Reykjavik, Konstepidemin 13Festivalen, 20 Arrondissement Public Space Paris, Pouilly sur Loire France, Röda Sten Konsthall, Röhsska museet, Världskulturmuseet,  Screen dance festival Dance museum, Kulturkalaset 2011-2016, Clandestino Festival, Bok- och Biblioteksmässan, Hängmattan, Kulturnatta Gbg, Kulturnatta Mölndal, Litteraturhuset, SOLO festivalen ”Teater Trixter”, Vrångsholmen, Danscentrum Väst, Trädgårdsföreningen, ”24m2”, ”3:e våningen”, CLASH of the poets Kafe 44, Improvisation festival Konstepidemin Gothenburg, International Art Biennial, Högskolan för scen och musik, Gothenburg International Dance- & Theater festival, Teatro de los sentidos, ”Live Art” performance festival Strömstad 2014-2015, Chicago ”Going Dutch” Women dance festival, BIDE Barcelona International Dance Exchange, A-Venue Gothenburg, GIBCA Extended Gothenburg invited to several residencies, community art projects and conferences.

Artistic statement Benedikte Esperi

”If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.” – Emma Goldman


@benedikteesperi #benedikteesperi

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