Year of production: 2020

‘In this piece I investigate how ritual moments arise in the transmissions between life and death, but also how a society or culture defines them. My intention is to temporarily dissolve the boundaries between the actual and the perceived. In the video I use dead trees and animals. They can be perceived as a distorted inverted image of life, but they can nevertheless be the starting point for how we understand ‘the other’ i.e. what is beyond concepts and categories that defines life and death.’

Trailer :

About: Benedikte Esperi is a choreographer, performance & video artist based in Gothenburg. In addition to her artistry, she runs, with a handful of artists, Gallery 54 in Gothenburg and the performance art collective ‘The Tiny Festival Producers’ with Annikki Wahlöö & Cia Runesson. Benedikte has her studio on Ringön. online cv

peer group text: Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt, Moa Matilda Sahlin and Anders Simonsen