11-13th Dec World premiere screening Laterland video at Rydals Museum

Laterland Benedikte Esperi

11 Dec video [emballa:sh] for #lysandefönsterirydal Rydals Museum

Dec Interview in Swedish Atalante TV

Atalante Laterland performance for screen

1-31st Dec DecemberKalender video exhibition co-lab Emma Ströde video Peepshow + online exhibition Galleri 54

DecemberKalender 2020 Galleri 54

29th Nov beat_poetry_collective ‘Gårdagens Brus’


23-26th Residency Atalante Laterland for screen 

Laterland performance for screen

15th Nov beat_poetry_collective ‘det angår inte dig’


15th Nov- 1st Dec Live Action 15 ‘the spotless mind’ International performance (to video) festival on line

Live Action 15 Benedikte Esperi

9-14th Nov ‘IMPRISONED’ Dance for screen residency Stockholm


4th Nov Dance for screen ‘passage’ & Artist talk Gislaved Kulturplatån

passage Benedikte Esperi

16th Oct Solo Improvisation Performance at Pennygången

Benedikte Esperi photo Anders Simonsen

14th Oct Laterland performance at Lokalekonomidagarna 

Laterland Benedikte Esperi 2020

5th Oct on line Improviserad ’performance lecture’ i och ur Improvisation genom mediet
Dance for screen av och med Benedikte Esperi oktober 2020

Benedikte Esperi performance lecture

19th Sept ‘The Atlantis project 1:1’ Frame Filmfestival program 2020 Bio Roy Gothenburg

The Atlantis Project

4-5th Sept Performance LUNArs Ringön, Gothenburg FRINGE Festival

LUNArs photo Peter ‘Peppe’ Rosvik

24th Aug – 17th Sep ‘Sunrise in Atlantis’ video part of Seoul international Image & Film Festival, South Korea

The Atlantis Project

Tiny Festival Producers: the whimsical maze of playfulness – close encounters in a distance.
28th July Online symposium Nordic Summer University

24-26 July IMPROVISATION SOLO PERFORMANCE Cinnober, Gothenburg

Benedikte Esperi photo Anders Simonsen

July Residency Choreography WITHIN project at Gerlesborg Scenkonst / Danscentrum Väst

WITHIN work in progress Dancers Moa & Nilla

3-5th July RITOS III Installation, audiovisual video & objects birds_bugs_bones_bitches

Benedikte Esperi Kulturtemplet 2020

16-30th June Time Square NYC Billboard Gallery ZAZ10ts video ‘Conversations in the park‘ + Tel Aviv and Shibuya, Tokyo.

ZAZContest Benedikte Esperi

9th-31st May Videorama II Night Vision at Galleri 54 review Göteborgs-Posten

Galleri 54 videorama II
Galleri 54 Videorama II Night Vision

29th April International Dance Day Improvisation in Public 

Benedikte Esperi photo David Llanos Saavedra
Benedikte Esperi photo David Llanos Saavedra

18th April -7th May Videorama 1 at Galleri 54

Videorama I Galleri 54
Videorama I Galleri 54


8th March ‘in tent intervention – performance lecture’ The Tiny Festival Producers, Nordic Summer University, Wroclaw, Poland

photo Alia Zapparova
Tiny Festival Producers photo Alia Zapparova

5th – 29th March ‘inverted lies – the true story’ performance, video & installation HUUTO Galleri Helsinki 

Benedikte Esperi photo Denis Romanovski
Benedikte Esperi photo Denis Romanovski


24th Febr ‘The Atlantis project‘ work-in-progress at Destination Atalante

Destination Benedikte Esperi febr
Destination Benedikte Esperi Atalante

14th Febr Performance ‘Om längtan’ Kärleksmanifestation Teater Trixter

Teater Trixter Benedikte Esperi 2020
Teater Trixter Benedikte Esperi 2020

Feb 10-16th ‘Sunrise in Atlantis’ is 1 of 10 videos chosen for the film festival Cph60sec screened at public facades

The Atlantis Project

Feb 4th-8th ‘In-Tent- Interventions’  performance demonstration by The Tiny Festival Producers at Folk och Kultur Eskilstuna 

The Tiny Festival Producers In-Tent-Interventions Folk och Kultur
The Tiny Festival Producers Folk och Kultur Eskilstuna

Jan 31 Public vimeo AtalanteLAB work in progress (scroll to 45:15 min) presentation of The Atlantis Project 

Benedikte Esperi The Atlantis Project work in progress part 1
Benedikte Esperi The Atlantis Project work in progress part 1

Excerpts from AtalanteLAB week January 27-31

200128 LAB | 3

13Festivalen 5th of January Hus 10 Performance ‘In Tent Interventions’ The Tiny Festival Producers

In Tent Interventions / Tiny Festival Producers
13Festivalen 2020 The Tiny Festival Producers photo Sian Hedberg

13Festivalen 4th and 5th January Performance in Bergsrummet ABOUT FREEDOM 9.0

13Festivalen 2020 photo Emma Bobeck

20th Nov – 4th Febr 2020 KOREOARTscape ‘Passage’ public video #planksidan Trafikverket

KOREOARTscape PASSAGE #planksidan
KOREOARTscape PASSAGE #planksidan