Annikki Wahlöö & Benedikte Esperi, The Void of Freedom

Annikki Wahlöö och Benedikte Esperi
Annikki Wahlöö och Benedikte Esperi

Part of the Gothenburg Fringe Festival 2017 the 3rd of September 7.00 PM see  FB event 

This is a new piece with the intention to intertwine and develop their solo performances “ABOUT FREEDOM” & “THREADS” which grasps the topic Freedom where both Annikki Wahlöö and Benedikte Esperi are focusing on what´s limiting and preventing freedom.

This piece is a combination of their personal and unique expressions within the field of choreography and acting. The intention is to create an immersive experience in the meeting with their audience where they use the potential that the common space provides. This immersive space is embraced with projections, texts, sounds, voices and lights. They want to create a sensory and open space – a place for trust where freedom can emerge.

Wahlöö and Esperi has been part of each other’s artistic processes since 2014. They have been each others peers and been assisting each other during performances. In June 2016 they participated with their individual solo works at the Motif festival in Reykjavik. And now they want to take the opportunity to emerge their work in a new piece. Work in progress title – The Void of Freedom.

Annikki Wahlöö & Benedikte Esperi